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KYO Partnerships

Inspired by the Japanese ideals of production, at KYO, we are driven towards high morals & work ethics, striving to perfect what is not. We not only gave our brand a Japanese name but also came up with designs, technology, and product development to match the same stringent Japanese standards, which we have all come to appreciate and trust in.

Our intention of working effortlessly with clients from different backgrounds, matching current market trends, and maintaining high quality standards while keeping the prices affordable would not be brought to life without the support of our amazing partnerships. Our expert partners give us the confidence to believe that we can create products that surpass every market standard to win our customers’ hearts.

Culinary Partners

All KYO products are personally inspected by our global network of culinary experts – from adamant gourmets to line chefs, and home-based professionals to restaurant managers! Before any new product is launched commercially, preliminary reviews and testing (pertaining to efficiency, energy saving and most importantly taste after use) are thoroughly implemented.

Our culinary partners’ invaluable advice has been imperative in reaching the level of perfection you now find in all KYO products.

Safety Partners

Unlike most manufacturers who incorporate the safetymark afterwards as an add-on (by simply changing the adaptor), KYO appliances are BUILT with safety in mind — from encasing to inner-body, and cable to adaptor, rest assured you are protected.  

Our safety experts have recognized that KYO appliances excel in safety measures and prevent electrocution as well as fire hazards.

Become a KYO partner now!

The KYO partnership network is growing continuously. Maybe you too are a culinary expert or a developer of smart home & kitchen solutions and feel that your ideas and technologies fit in perfectly with KYO standards! If so, contact us and benefit from a partnership with KYO.

Feel free to reach us via email for more information, or simply if you want to join and partner up with KYO.
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